Forum Title: Work related dreams ?
Hopefully everyone had a good night's sleep. Do others have strange (well, all mine are strange) work related dreams? Last night's was odder than usual. (I do have the reoccurring exterior ladder falling backward dream, but I welcome that as it keeps me forever mindful of ladder safety) The time was back painting with my first partner, a large interior. BUT I was sanding and scraping the exterior of a window by climbing out and standing on the sill, one hand holding onto the meeting rail and the other hand scraping and sanding. I climbed back in and told him that it would be much quicker and safer to get a ladder off the truck and set it up. He disagreed saying it was a waste of time to move ladders around to each window. And then the dream faded to really obscure weirdness. I guess it must be time for fall window washing.
Category: Painter Post By: KRISTEN BARNETT (Kissimmee, FL), 07/19/2019

I used to dream all the time then they stopped. It's been years now without having one. Years ago i tried to quit smoking using the patch and slept with it on. I had the most vivid and strange dreams that night and can still remember them like it was yesterday. Maybe I should get a patch to snap me out of my dream current drought. Sent from my LG-H810 using Tapatalk

- ANDY FITZGERALD (North Las Vegas, NV), 08/22/2019

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