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Hi here, and facing an issue that has made pretty much every other pro I've talked to shrug and say, Yeah. Dark ceilings are just hard to get right. So here's the deal: working on a formal dining room in a big old house- walls, trim, built ins, and ceiling. Customer wants a dead flat, navy blue ceiling. This room has four huge windows with no window coverings and is flooded with natural light sun up to sundown. So I go to Sherwin Williams, where I buy all my paint, and they tell me the ovation flat will do just fine. I'm skeptical, but I give it a try. I usually use their Cashmere or Duration paints on higher-end jobs like this one, but they said they didn't have the cashmere flat in a deep base, and the last time I used the duration in navy, I had lap mark issues. After two coats, it looks pretty great. I look at it at different points during the day and then after dark. There are a couple of little spots where I can see roller marks, so I decide- foolishly- to do a third coat to make it perfect. And it looks awful. Lap marks like crazy and now it's got an obvious sheen to it. The homeowner didn't seem to notice, but I did, and I want to make it right. Obviously, I'm not using the ovation again. I don't care which brand I use as long as I can find something as dead flat as possible. I am using a 1/2 nap and the same rolling pattern I always use for ceilings. But I've never done a ceiling in such a dark color. Will going over it a couple of times with the deadest flat paint I can find fix it, or am I looking at something more drastic?? Thanks for any help you can offer.
Category: Painter Post By: FELIX HIGGINS (Killeen, TX), 07/13/2019

You're creating the sheen through colorants and product build. The more coats you apply, the higher the sheen will get. One possible fix is skim coat lid, use a pva primer, spray one solid coat of paint..... at least that is what I had to do for a similar situation. The manufacturer made me new paint with a powder colorant, which has less sheen than the colorant in the stores..... but I doudt sw would do this, so I would do a mock up with with what ever product you use.

- JULIO MCKINNEY (Pico Rivera, CA), 08/17/2019

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