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I've been holding onto a table and chairs for just a little too long, and it's time to get then to the customer. Earlier this week, I did one final coat ov the table top. (FPOE holandlac white, gloss, oil enamel. Wet sanded to 2000 before application) There are tiny, microscopic flecks is dust in the finish - the kind you might not notice in ordinary trim work. You've got to look down at an angle to see them, you can barely feel them, but they're there. They're there even though I had wet canvas drops hanging to suck up the dust. Question: can I buff or polish this tabletop to a mirror shine? (I know there is a difference between buff and polish, but I am uneducated in the difference) I DO have a piece I can practice on. (A door for my own house painted with the sane fpoe, although much more cured) I bought the plastic polishing compound (blue Rouge) for correander, but I don't know how to use it. The paint has been curing about 48 hrs. I want to deliver them Saturday, and I don't want to **** them up. They look great. I want them to look spectacular. Thoughts? Thanks.
Category: Painter Post By: SYLVIA HARPER (Asheville, NC), 07/12/2019

wow that's a fine pre-finish sanding! You sure can rub out the finish but some polishes cause issues down the road if a recoat becomes necessary. I've used a silicon and styrene free cream polish with good results but it's usually on varnished wood.

- MATTIE REEVES (Fort Worth, TX), 08/20/2019

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