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My mud dried super fast on the second coat. The first coat was workable for a normal time period. All my boss said was there's a reason for that. My coworker thinks if the room is hot the quickset will dry faster. This has never happened, although I forget more than I remember pertaining to patching for water damage. Every situation seems to be unique and calls for unique procedure. I have seen and would have preferred using premix on the second coat. It was a 14x12 room, real basic, ceiling, walls, one picture window, one day. Hole in one. The patching was 20% of one wall and 2% down to the brown coat. Some previous hacks mudded heavy above the surface. It was tricky to level the surface. Since the corner and ceiling was affected, project sequence became critical for 2 painters. I understand I should know after 20 yrs of painting this situation should be common and my mudding/patching skills should be top rate, however, these kind of jobs always seem to kick me in the butt. The heat gun was very useful but there's got to be a more efficient way. When done in the right sequence these jobs can be an enjoyable challenge for me. I'm looking for some comments on the most professional way of handling these jobs with some dignity.
Category: Painter Post By: brent hartwick (Kokomo, IN), 07/20/2019

Did you use hot mud for your second coat, like 5, 20, or 45 minute mud?

- RAMON SANTIAGO (Boise City, ID), 08/12/2019

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