Iconic Glass Structures – The Shard

Best Local emergency Painting contractors - Forums For Dummies - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - The Shard was one of the first buildings built post-9/11, and features a number of structural design modifications designed to help the building retain stability under an attack. Waste heat from the plant is used to supply domestic hot water for the building. The building is energy efficient, and contains its own natural-gas fired electric power plant. ..More

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Iconic Glass Structures – Crystal Cathedral

10 Best reputed Painting companies - Popular Forum Pages - As a side note, the building houses the fifth-largest pipe organ in the world. The organ was actually constructed from two different organs and was prominently featured in the Hour of Power television show that was produced by the Garden Grove Community Church. It has since been shipped back to California and will be re-installed following the completion of the interior construction. The organ was dismantled and sent to Italy to be repaired. . The organ will continue to occupy its traditional space, but the Diocese took the opportunity to refurbish the organ during construction ..More

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Upgraded sorting machines might save glass recycling

Directory listing of commercial Painting contractors - Forum - Inspections & Maintenance - A growing concern among municipalities, materials recyclers and individual consumers is the possibility that glass recycling will come to a halt. Environmentally, there is no debate about the value of recycling glass. . Glass is virtually infinitely recyclable, and consumes less energy during recycling than making new glass does ..More

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Smart glass goes to the head of the class

Best Local industrial Painting contractors - Service Expert Forums - Building operators are committed to reducing energy consumption. Industry estimates suggest that they’ll spend nearly $1 trillion on upgrades and improvements to existing infrastructure through 2023. Smart glass is specially designed glass that has the ability to change its opacity based on the presence or absence of an electrical current. . That may explain why smart glass is becoming a popular choice ..More

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Spontaneous glass breakage confounds

Directory Of professional Painting contractors - Service Expert Forums - One such inclusion is nickel sulfide. If nickel sulfide, which can be found in the raw materials used to produce glass, is present in the glass mixture, it can pool in the center of the pane when the glass forms and cools. It’s important to note that nickel sulfide causes spontaneous breakage only in tempered glass. Once the glass is installed, temperature fluctuations can change the size of the nickel sulfide deposit, and can flex the glass, which leads to sudden, spontaneous glass breakage. Untempered (annealed or heat strengthened) glass does not experience this phenomenon, although it also can break spontaneously for other reasons. . These nickel sulfide “stones” are often imperceptible, and can wreak havoc long after the glass has cooled ..More

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