Spontaneous glass breakage confounds

Find professional Painting contractors - Repair Tech Forums - If nickel sulfide, which can be found in the raw materials used to produce glass, is present in the glass mixture, it can pool in the center of the pane when the glass forms and cools. Once the glass is installed, temperature fluctuations can change the size of the nickel sulfide deposit, and can flex the glass, which leads to sudden, spontaneous glass breakage. These nickel sulfide “stones” are often imperceptible, and can wreak havoc long after the glass has cooled. One such inclusion is nickel sulfide. . Untempered (annealed or heat strengthened) glass does not experience this phenomenon, although it also can break spontaneously for other reasons. It’s important to note that nickel sulfide causes spontaneous breakage only in tempered glass ..More

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European Group Calls Glass a Permanent Material

Directory Listing Of Painting repair contractors - Service Professional Blogs - The study is part of the recently adopted “Circular Economy Package” by European Union countries. The aim of the Circular Economy Package is to promote more recycling, to set recycling and landfill targets, and to incentivize the use of recycled materials among EU member nations. ..More

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Changes in Glass Industry Affecting Basic Science

Top 10 Best Painting companies - Resources & Guides - Repair, Maintenance & installation - If you’ve been paying attention to the recent changes in the glass industry, you know that the future of certain kinds of glass – specifically stained glass – is on the line. But a developing trend in glassmaking may also have negative consequences for basic science, and one community college is doing something about it. ..More

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Upgraded sorting machines might save glass recycling

Directory listing of Painting companies - Ask And Expert - Repair Forum Pages - A growing concern among municipalities, materials recyclers and individual consumers is the possibility that glass recycling will come to a halt. Environmentally, there is no debate about the value of recycling glass. Glass is virtually infinitely recyclable, and consumes less energy during recycling than making new glass does. ..More

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Solar energy hits the road

10 Best reputed industrial Painting contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - The road ahead for solar highways isn’t going to be easy. The panels will have to prove their mettle when it comes to traction, weight, weather and temperature – all of the elements that go into making potholes on current road surfaces. Even if the proof-of-concept project survives, it would also have to overcome the fact that solar panels in the roadways are expensive – much moreso than standard cement, asphalt and other traditional paving materials. ..More

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