Russian scientists develop new glass coating technique

Locate Nearby professional Painting contractors - Blog With Contractors - . The ability to apply specialized coatings to glass has enabled the commercialization of energy-efficient and insulating glass in construction worldwide. Various forms of magnetron deposition and vacuum evaporation have been in development since the 1980’s ..More

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New glass coating could improve water runoff

Directory Of Painting companies - Painting Support Blogs - Coatings can introduce new properties to materials cost-effectively. Glassprimer™ glass paint is a good example of this. . Coatings are taking on a new importance in materials engineering ..More

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Smart glass goes to the head of the class

List Of licensed Painting contractors - Service Technician Forums - When the current is on, the window is transparent. . Varying the current can cause some of the particles to orient, thereby “tinting” the glass. When the current is off, the particles become disorganized and block light. . Smart windows rely on conductive suspended particles that re-orient themselves when electrical current is applied ..More

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Glass was an ancient status symbol

Listings Of residential Painting contractors - Service Expert Forum Pages - She believes that glass may have originally been envisioned as a way to fill a social need, and did not morph into a useful material that was available to the masses until much later in the material’s history. She points to modern uses for glass, including fiber optic cables and precision lenses, and says that early developers of the material did not see the practical uses of glass, even for more mundane applications like windows and practical storage containers. . Duckworth looked at the evolution of glass blowing and determined that it was a response to societal needs rather than a driver ..More

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Graphene helps eliminate glass corrosion

Popular Painting inspection contractors - Homeowner Blog Pages - Graphene coatings can protect against a wide variety of conditions including corrosion, oxidation, friction, bacterial infection and electromagnetic radiation, so the coatings could protect a variety of other surfaces, in addition to glass. ..More

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